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 Mail correspondence can be sent to:

       Wild Horse Homeowners Subassociation
       c/o Platinum Management, Inc.
       P.O. Box 14198
       Tucson, AZ 85732
       Phone: (520) 623-2324
       Fax: (520) 722-5039
       E-mail: Lisa (lisa@platinumonline.org), Kaylynn (kaylynn@platinumonline.org)

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Wild Horse Homeowners Association

This is the web site for the Wild Horse Homeowners Association (HOA).  The HOA serves the Wild Horse community located in Hereford, Arizona. 

Wild Horse Committees Update

The members of various Wild Horse HOA committees can be found here: list of committee volunteers.

Join the Wild Horse Community on Nextdoor

There is now a Wild Horse Subassociation Community on the Nextdoor website. Wild Horse home owners are encouraged to join the on-line community by clicking the Sign Up link at the top of the page, or contacting one of your neighbors to invite you. This community is intended as a communication site for sharing information with your neighbors in Wild Horse.

New HOA Management Contract

The Board of Directors of the Wild Horse Homeowners Subassociation has contracted with Platinum Management, Incorporated (PMI) to manage the affairs of the homeowners association. Lisa Garcia serves as the community manager for Wild Horse with her assistant Kaylynn Rankin.

Minutes from prior years

Minutes from past annual meetings and board of directors meetings can be found in the archive of meeting minutes.

Please contact Barbara Grabowski, Board Secretary, for assistance if you are having trouble logging in to the minutes or the financials.

Note to Sellers of Wild Horse Property

Sales and transfers of property within the Wild Horse subdivision are subject to a document disclosure and transfer fee levied by Platinum Management, Inc. our property management company. The fees are approximately $250.00, but are subject to change. Please contact your real estate agent or the property management company for current information.

Architectural Committee (AC)

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Last Update

Replaced volunteer list with update for 2018.