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Wild Horse Homeowners Association

This is the web site for the Wild Horse Homeowners Association (HOA).  The HOA serves the Wild Horse community located in Hereford, Arizona. 


The Board of Directors is currently seeking candidates for two positions. Each position will serve a two-year term. Voting results will be announced at the Wednesday, February 5, 2014 annual meeting, and the directors' terms will begin immediately.

The board typically meets four times per year (January, April, July, October). Various duties are assigned to take place between meetings - including work with our committees: Architecture, Financial, Roads, Social.

If you have questions about serving on the Board or wish to discuss the responsibilities in greater detail, one of the current or previous Board members would be happy to speak with you. Please contact Shannon at Y Cross Management and she'll connect you with a Board member.

All those wishing to run for a Board position and desiring to have their name listed on the official 2014 Annual Meeting ballot should complete the enclosed form and return it to Y Cross Management (by mail, fax, or email). The deadline for all applications is 5:00pm on Friday, December 6, 2013.

2014 Annual Meeting Notice

Pursuant to the Wild Horse Homeowners Sub-Association By-Laws, Article 2, Sections 2.1 and 2.3, Annual Meeting of the Members:

DATE: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 4:00 PM
LOCATION: LaPurisima Center Off of Hwy 92 at Mile Mark 333 (Stone Ridge Road)
I. Call to Order
II. Proof of Notice of Meeting/Establish Quorum
III. Introductions
IV. Approval of 2013 Minutes
V. Financial Report
VI. Management Report
VII. Report of Committees
VIII. Homeowner Comments
IX. Board of Directors Election Results
X. Adjournment

Wild Horse Board of Directors

Note to Sellers of Wild Horse Property

Sales and transfers of property within the Wild Horse subdivision are subject to a document disclosure and transfer fee levied by Y-Cross Management Group, our property management company. The fees are approximately $375.00, but are subject to change. Please contact your real estate agent or the property management company for current information.

Architectural Committee (AC)

Scheduled AC Meetings for 2013

  • April 10
  • July 10
  • October 9

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Last Update

Posted revised AC Guidelines in December, 2013.
Posted the Revisions to the CCRs on December 1, 2013.
Posted the Annual Meeting announcement